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Welcome to the world of RTI
For all our readers, we salute your endeavor to BECOME AWARE of, what RTI has in store for you. Here, we talk about the Right to Information (RTI) Act, 2005. This Act has given the people, the power to CHANGE the country. The RTI Act has made the inner workings of the Government transparent! If YOU, the average citizen learns to use this Act, You can change the country.

If you think that, the RTI Act does not affect you, "YOU ARE WRONG!" If you are a citizen of INDIA, the RTI Act gives you a power that YOU CAN & MUST use.

For Example: The next time you ask for a “phone line” or a “water connection”, if you use the RTI Act, you can get your work done quickly. You will not have to make 15 trips to the Government offices and bribe and beg the officials to get your work done. RTI has changed all that. Through this blog, we will show that with the help of RTI Act, 2005 we have disclosed many irregularities in different Government Departments. The news published in the various news papers are revealing the facts. YOU can also do the same by making use of RTI Act, 2005.
Message from President
RTI: ‘Powerful
tool to stir bureaucracy’

People appointed to serve people have been exploiting the common man. Earlier public virtually had to beg officials to obtain information from government offices and only some [more...]
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